our design philosophy

Conveying content is our top priority.

The web is about content. Without quality information, your website is a ghost town no matter how good it looks. What brings customers back to your website isn't eye candy, and it's not the way the image changes when you move your mouse over it. It's the content you offer. Content comes in many forms: video, text, images, etc. A good website conveys that content quickly and effectively. Accessing the content should be simple and intuitive. Quirky navigation can be neat, but if it gets in the way, you've got a problem. Your average customers are not going to take the time to learn your new navigation; they want the information now. Our top priority is not that your website look good. Our priority is the content that you have to offer - easily, quickly, and no matter what their connection speed, platform, or browser.

Looking good is a close second.

Though content is our top priority, your website needs to look and feel good, too. Let's face it, the way a website looks is very important and often serves as a first impression for you, your business and your affiliates. You need a website that endears you to your customers while making it easy to get what they came for: usable content. We pride ourselves in making good looking websites. Our web portfolio shows exactly we can do.

everyone should be able to access your content.

Alas, this is never the case. There are millions of people on the web, using hundreds of browsers, on multiple operating systems, on a thousand different computers. Though html visionaries wanted everyone to be able to read html in the same way, this hasn't happened. Some browsers interpret some code one way, others another. This means that whatever design we choose for your website, we make sure that it displays the content correctly for the greatest number of possible customers. With the proliferation of mobile devices, this is even more important today than ever before. This doesn't mean that we can't use new tricks and fun javascript libraries, just that we make sure the content is accessible to everyone, regardless of the device on which it will be viewed.

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